Things ain’t what they used to be!

We had a helpful visit from our enthusiastic Wildlife Consultant Kaye during the week and now know that there is even more to see at Greenhillock than we thought! The headline news is that we actually have three types of Wild Orchid growing here – Early Purple, Heath Spotted and Northern Marsh – as well as some hybrids between the latter. All are still in flowering profusion in colours ranging from deep purple, through pale mauve to white with many right alongside the camping and glamping pitches. They may only last another couple of weeks so do make a special effort to see these increasingly rare plants whilst you can.


Species richness in the meadows, featuring two of our types of Wild Orchid

Elsewhere in the Wildflower Meadows, colours are gradually changing from the predominantly yellow of Field Buttercups and Yellow Rattle to the white of the Ox-eye Daisies with hints of purple from the emerging Common Knapweed. Standing by are the Field Scabious with their striking blue flowers and, low down, are the Yellow and Purple Vetch. To help young people get around the site to see all these lovely things, we have just created the Wildlife Wander game (a sort of nature treasure hunt) and we are working on a harder version for adults!


A newly fledged Blackbird goes for the All-You-Can-Eat breakfast option!

With the greater food supply from the flowers have come more mini bugs (noticeably Hoverflies), bumble bees (mostly Buff-tailed just now) and butterflies – the chocolate brown Ringlet seem to enjoy being out and about whatever the weather. So, lots to see and hear by taking time out from busy lives to wander in a unique habitat or simply by sitting quietly in the special tranquillity of the deep countryside.


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