Night Visitors

If you have already stayed with us at Greenhillock you will have noticed two things about our night-times. Firstly, the quiet – apart from the wildlife and occasional all-night agricultural activity you can only hear the wind in the trees. Secondly, how clear our night skies are – we have very little light pollution and have been named by the Met Office as one of the top ten UK campsites for stargazing (quite often you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye).


Roe Deer at first light, helping himself to the duck food

In reality, however, nearly as much wildlife activity happens during the night and most of it is unobserved. What we do see regularly are the Pipistrelle Bats as they skim low at dusk  over the Wildlife Pond and hedgerows hunting down moths, gnats and midges (yes folks, bats are your friends!) What we often hear are the Tawny Owls in the Beech trees calling either to attract a mate or to defend territory. The characteristic ‘twit-twoo’ is actually the two sounds of a male and female calling to and answering each other. Rarely we hear the eerie screech of a Barn Owl.


Night visiting Fox at the back of the Field Kitchen, shot with infra-red

Largely unseen and unheard are the near nightly visits of the Roe Deer, Foxes and Badgers, even when campers are sleeping close by. We capture these on wildlife cameras in our garden and keep a record so we know quite a lot about these secret unpaying guests. We have also had rare visits from Otters as they travel along the burn.


Tawny Owl resting after hitting my office window in a snowstorm

At Greenhillock Glamping you are closer to nature than you might ever think!


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