Spring in the Meadows


Welcome back to Bryan’s blog, this week guest edited by Kate. Four weeks of solid sunshine last month were lovely for us as we cleared up the many cuttings left after our hedges’ severe winter haircut. However, a few days of rain have been wonderful (and much needed) for the meadows which are finally springing to life after a late start.

The birds have been busy pairing up and nest building, they are very appreciative of Radley moulting and providing a lovely fur contribution to their comfort! We have been much amused by the antiques of the pheasants as they squabble over mates and nest sites. The bird highlight of the week was a close sighting of a buzzard catching a vole in the North paddock.

Huge queen bumble bees began to appear in early April, quickly followed by Peacock butterflies. We were a bit concerned there wasn’t much for them to eat but fortunately the good old dandelions have seen them through and everything is beginning to come into flower. We have been enjoying regular visits from a trio of young roe deer, two hinds and a buck and badger-cam tells us we are having regular nocturnal visits down by the Home Pond.

Spring has definitely sprung!

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